Maria Kern's Art Work
born in Steinach at Lake Constance (Switzerland) Studies at the University of St. Gallen; Master in Economic Law Studies at the University of Zurich; Master and PhD in Psychology Since 1985: Studies and further training/workshops in painting, singing and performance in Switzerland and abroad Since 1990: freelance artist Living and working in Zurich and Speicher Died on July, 20th, 2016
„Alles fliesst“, Tolle Art & Weise, Rehetobel AR, 2016 Group exhibition 'Printemps', Swiss Art Space, Lausanne, 2015 „Legends of the Sixties – Jim Morrison“ as part of the performance „Jim Morrison Tribute“, Theater Rigiblick, Zürich, 2012/13 Painting Show as part of the performance "The Blues Ain’t a Color“ by Denise La Grassa, Chicago, 2013 Wordscape, Galerie Maurer, Zürich, 2011 zeitlos, Galerie WerkART, St.Gallen, 2005 AugenBlicke, Kalaidos Fachhochschule Schweiz, Zürich, 2004 Zeitreise, KS Kaderschule Schweiz, St.Gallen, 2002 WildArt, Swissôtel Schweiz, Zürich, 2001 Safe New World, PHW Private Hochschule Wirtschaft, Zürich, 2000 InZeit, Hotel du Parc, Baden, 1999 Iso Maeder, Koho Mori, Lauren Newton, Maria Kern, PHW Private Hochschule Wirtschaft, Zürich, 1998 InZeit, Coop Bildungszentrum, Basel, 1998 Jedes Ding hat seine Zeit, KS Kaderschule Schweiz, St. Gallen, 1998 Ray Charles, Restaurant Leonhard, St.Gallen, 1997 InZeit, AquaDesign, Wien, 1997 Tension & Harmony, Kursaal Heiden, Schweiz, 1996 Reagenzspiralen, KS Kaderschulen, Regensdorf, 1996 Zeit-lichkeit, Pyramid Schweiz, St.Gallen, 1995
Publication of the catalogue ‘Half An Hour’ (1996) Link Publication of the catalogue ‚Zeit-lichkeit’ dealing with the central topic of ‘Time’ (1995) Link Publication of the anthology ‘Harmony & Tension. A Taste of Ilustrated Poetry’ (1996) Link
Edition of the dissertation ‚Boredom – A Model of a Psychological-Anthropological Phenomenon’ (Thesis Publisher, Egg/Switzerland, 2008) Publication of the monograph ‘Are you Bored ? An Entertaining Psychology of Boredom’ (Ernst Reinhardt Publishing House, Munich, 2009)
For me, colour-form compositions and text-sound creations are the most challenging route to self-awareness and self-discovery: Colours, shapes, shading and movement, together with words and melodies, are ways of expressing thoughts and emotions that can lead into the depths of the psyche and the spirit.
In paintings, texts and songs I engage with polarities such as harmony and tension, order and chaos, spirit and psyche, but above all my favourite life theme of 'time', 'temporality' and 'timelessness' - as reflected in my artistic work. My affinity to this phenomenon remains unflagging and finds its expression in both, my artistic creations and my intellectual work (books on the topic of 'boredom').