Ea eiusmod non dolore cillum In idiosyncratically free manner, Maria Kern creates energetic and colour intense paintings in acryl or mixed media. Flowing contemplative brush drawings on Japan paper are reminiscent of Asian calligraphy and can be positioned within both, the tradition of Tachism and Lyric Abstraction.  
Maria Kern's Art Work
Ea eiusmod non dolore cillum In Maria Kern's song paintings linear as well as expanding colours and forms create connections with language and as well as with music. Vocals Maria Kern Paintings / Lyrics Maria Kern Songs     Ran Shem-tov /                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Songwriting Maria Kern Arrangement Mark Edward Video Clips Joa Hoffmann  
Ea eiusmod non dolore cillum Collages reworked with brush and paint – dominating as an artistically colourful cover entire images – pay homage to famous exponents of modern history of music and culture who have engaged with the topic of ‘time’. These works could be placed between the characteristics of Abstract Expressionism and the critical attitudes of Pop Art.  
Maria Kern used to work with different artistic techniques and media, her oeuvre demonstrating expressiveness, gestic movement and poetic depth. Stylistic forms of expressions and artistic contents of Modernism and Postmodernism manifest themselves as a cultural and historical legacy in Maria Kern’s oeuvre and – in combination with the artist’s personal, philosophical and psychological interests – lead to a fundamentally individualistic creation. (Stefanie Kasper, Art Historian)